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    Cooling large spaces

    Do you want to cool your business space in an effective, energy-efficient and affordable way? Cooling other large spaces? Then do that with mobile air coolers from be-cool!

    Mobile cooling

    Working in a too warm room is never pleasant. The be-cool evaporative air coolers help to dissipate that heat in a cheap and economical way.


    Our mobile air coolers are widely applicable. View a selection of our customers here.

    Mobile air coolers with evaporative cooling systems

    The mobile air coolers from be-cool use a unique evaporative cooling system. This system has the great advantage that it can cool large open spaces in an economic and ecological way. Previously, this was far too expensive or impossible. But with the energy-efficient air coolers from be-cool, cooling large spaces becomes a lot cheaper at once.

    What is an evaporative cooling?

    Remember the hot, dry days where you come out of the pool after swimming and feel the wind, or dip a finger in a glass of water and then blow along the finger to feel the coolness caused by the evaporation that takes place. That’s adiabatic cooling.

    Want to know more about our cooling systems?

    Would you like to know more about our cooling systems? Please contact us for more information about our products.

    How do our mobile adiabatic evaporation air coolers actually work from be-cool!

    This is a self-contained air cooler in which heat is extracted from the air by water evaporation. (adiabatic). Our Patented Pads (also called Küül pads) is one of the important components that are in our be-cool units. These are specially made by us and are made of compressed paper. The water is pumped up from the water tank by means of a water pump. In the pads there are small channels through which the water is kept the pads evenly wet. The warm air is sucked in by means of a fan through the patented pads where the water evaporates and the warm air is cooled directly and by the same fan. Diede really cool air blows powerful again. So the evaporation takes place when the warm air and water come into contact together here so you get real cool air. The special Küül pads also ensure that the warm air is cooled by an extra 20%.
    Due to the ingenious structure and placement method of the Küül pads, contaminants are filtered out of the flowing air, making the blown-out air not only much colder, but also much cleaner.

    What parts are in our mobile adiabatic evaporative air coolers.

    • Patented Küül pads
    • 1 fan that sucks in the warm air and blows out the cool air
    • Water pump

    Features of a be-cool mobile adiabatic evaporation air cooler

    • Durable housing of out-of-a-piece cast polyethylene.
    • Water supply via a garden hose or filling
    • Flexible placement options
    • Both the device is movable
    • Operating costs are only a fraction of that of traditional air conditioning
    • Years of carefree ease of use and virtually maintenance-free.
    • Environmentally friendly, because efficient and effective in energy use.
    • No installation costs
    • Ideal for cooling large spaces or workplaces

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    Be-coolers from Be-cool for the best quality

    We of be-cool only supply air coolers of the best brand! That’s why you’ll find such a wide range of portacoolair coolers in our webshop. Do you have questions about our mobile air coolers? Please feel free to contact us. Be-cool official distributor of Portacool

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    Energy efficient & affordable


    Do you want to cool your business space in an effective, energy-efficient and affordable way? Then do that with mobile air coolers from be-cool! Read on to learn more about our products.

    Air coolers with evaporation system

    Working in an overly warm space is never nice. The air coolers with evaporation system from be-cool help to expel that heat in a cheap and economical way.

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