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    • Sustainable
    • Energy efficient
    • No installation costs
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy to move
    • Environmentally friendly

    Air cooler with water / stable cooling

    Be-Cool’s stable cooling

    Are you looking for a company where you can go for a stable cooling? Take a look at the range of Be-Cool. We specialize in the sale of advanced cooling systems. Our coolers are from the Portacool brand and are known for their excellent quality. You can also count on a fine service and tailor-made advice. Would you like to learn more about our water-ing air cooler? Read on or contact us directly.

    The energy-efficient air cooler

    In the case of stable cooling, the use of water is very important. Our coolers use a unique evaporative cooling system. It uses water to cool the air in your space in an economical and ecological way. Because our mobile coolers are very energy efficient, you are much cheaper than before. The air cooler is easy to move, allowing you to place it exactly where it is needed.

    The operation of the air cooler

    How exactly do our coolers work with evaporative cooling system? The air cooler with water extracts heat from the air by evaporation. The patented pads (also called Küül pads) in the system ensure this. They are made of compressed paper and have small channels. The water pump in the air cooler pumps up water and allows this water to flow through the channels. This keeps the pads wet all the time. Then warm air is sucked in by the fans along the wet pads. The water cools the air and the cool air is powerfully blown out. This creates a pleasant temperature in your stable or space. The pads ensure that the warm air is cooled by an extra 20%. In doing so, they filter pollutants from the flowing air. In this way, the air cooler with water also provides cleaner air.

    The characteristics of a Portacool stable cooling

    We put the characteristics of our stable cooling in a row for you:

    • Easy to move
    • Low cost
    • Environmentally friendly
    • No installation costs
    • Virtually maintenance-free
    • Durable housing of cast polyethylene
    • Very good to use in workplaces with a lot of space dust

    Curious about our air cooling with water? We would like to tell you more about the possibilities and applications.

    Approach us for an air cooler

    Would you like to learn more about our air coolers? Please contact us at 015-2002116 or email It is also possible to leave a message via our online contact form. You can count on us when choosing the right air cooler with water.