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    • Sustainable
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    • Low maintenance
    • Easy to move
    • Environmentally friendly

    Cooling large space(s)

    Cool your large spaces

    Do you want to cool a large space in an effective, energy-efficient and affordable way? For example, your business premises? Then do that with the mobile air coolers from Be-Cool! We specialize in cooling techniques and sell portacool air coolers. These are coolers that are known for their excellent quality. You can also enjoy excellent service with us. Curious about our coolers for large spaces? Read on or contact us directly.

    The benefits of our mobile coolers

    When you want to cool a large room, a powerful air cooler is essential. We sell coolers that meet this requirement. The mobile air coolers have a unique evaporative cooling system. The system gives you the opportunity to cool large open spaces in an efficient, economical and ecological way. Cooling your space with our coolers is a lot cheaper than before.

    How our air coolers cool your space

    How exactly does Portacool’s mobile cooler work? The cooler ensures that heat is extracted from the air by water evaporation. This is made possible by the patented pads (also called Küül pads) that are located in the units. The water pump pumps water up from the water tank and allows the water to flow through the channels of the pads. This ensures that the pads are kept evenly wet. Then the warm air is sucked in by the fan and the water evaporates into the pads. The air is cooled and finally this cold air is powerfully blown out. The Küül pads ensure that the warm air is cooled by an extra 20%. But the pads not only cool the air, they also filter pollutants out of the air. You also benefit from cleaner air.

    Cooling your rooms with our coolers

    Would you also like to cool your large spaces with one of our air coolers? With us you will find several series with powerful air coolers from the brand Portacool. For example, choose the Cyclone series, Jetstream series, Pack 36/48 series or the Hurricane series. The cooling capacity of these air coolers ranges from 28 m2 to 580 m2. So you will always find an air cooler that suits your needs and can completely cool your large space.

    For more information, please

    Curious about our air coolers for large spaces? Please contact us at 015-2002116 or email It is also possible to leave a message via our online contact form. We are happy to serve you when you want to cool your large space efficiently.