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    F.A.Q. & Support

    F.A.Q. Energy-efficient cooling

    Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about mobile cooling and energy-efficient cooling. Isn’t your question in between? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

    Port A Cool mobile coolers are used in various industries and locations. Some examples are Industry, automotive, home, agriculture, horticulture, army, aviation, sports, festivals, parties, catering, workshop and shed.

    The Port A Cool mobile air coolers perform best in ventilated areas. Due to the good ventilation, the warm air can easily leave the room and the cool air fills the room. This advantage is ideal for workshops where the doors are continuously open or large spaces that previously could not be cooled.

    The following parts are in a mobile air cooler; patented pads, fan, water pump, water tank, control panel, connections: electricity and tap water.

    Do I have to assemble the unit myself?

    No, cooling units can be used immediately.

    How do I prepare my mobile air cooler for storage?

    Deflate the unit, dry the cooling pads and place the unit, preferably covered, in a cool and dry place. For more information call be-cool.

    I have my cooler plugged in for the first time and it spreads an unpleasant air! What’s going wrong?

    A new unit has an ‘working time’ during which it can spread a somewhat strange smell. The cooling pads at the back of the unit have never been wet. When the cooling pads are first wet it disperses a certain air. This will take about three weeks. Keep the unit in an open space until the air is gone, or put a soap with fabric softener in the receptacle at the bottom of the unit. After the unit has been in use for about two weeks, the air will disappear. When the unit is not new, algae and bacteria can be caused by poor maintenance and cause certain air conditions. Check the Owners’ Manual for cleaning and maintenance.

    My cooler doesn’t deliver cool air.

    First, check at the back of the unit that the cooling pads are damp. Adjust the water circulation. In order to evaporate, the cooling pads must be damp before the fan is switched on. Secondly, you need to make sure that there is water in the receptacle. Allow it to fill up completely before turning on the pump. Thirdly, you need to ensure that water and power lines are connected and operating. If none of these solutions solves the problem, you can call Be-cool or email

    What are the best environmental factors for the mobile adiabatic evaporation air cooler to spread as much cool air as possible?

    In order to work optimally, the temperature must be 24 ºC or higher. Relative humidity should be below 75 percent. The units lower the temperature in almost every room, making it easier to work in.

    What is the difference between evaporative cooling and nebulization plants?

    Nebulizer plants spray water mist into the air that lands on people and the floor, making it wet. The cooling unit uses the evaporation process to produce cooler air.

    How should I oil the fan engine?

    The Emerson Motor Installation and Maintenance Information manual states. Jelly bearing Motors should be regularly oiled. Units that are constantly used should be oiled once a year, which are used regularly once every two years and which are used occasionally every five years. Use 30 to 35 drops of SAE No. 20 non-detergent oil, or electric motor oil.

    What can I do if the machine spreads an unpleasant smell?

    A new unit needs a short working period and can spread a smell. Normally after about 2 weeks the smell should disappear. If the unit is not new, bacterial growth can spread a odour due to insufficient maintenance. The manual describes in detail how the machine can best be cleaned and maintained.

    Where can I buy replacement parts?

    Replacement parts for the unit can be purchased from us

    How often do the cooling pads need to be replaced?

    Depending on maintenance and level of use, the cooling pads generally last up to five years. However, if you have questions about the life of the cooling pads for your unit or want to know how to replace the cooling pads, you can always contact Be-cool by phone.

    How much moisture does a unit produce?

    Humidity will increase by 2% to 5%, depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment. This increase in humidity is not noticeable in a well-ventilated area where the air from the unit is carried away.

    How long does a full receptacle last?

    If it is not connected to a continuous water supply, an operational unit will evaporate all water in a full receptacle within two hours. The evaporation ratio depends on the temperature and humidity. The manufacturer recommends that the receptacle be provided with a continuous water supply. Most units have an internal float valve to regulate the water supply to the receptacle.

    If I want to cool down better, can I use ice in the receptacle?

    The fan can disperse vapour from the water ice but this does not increase evaporation and will therefore not lead to significantly better cooling.

    Where can I find the model and serial numbers on the unit?

    On the outside of the housing of each unit is a metal plate with a white label with barcodes and other specifications. The model number of the unit starts with ‘PAC’ serial numbers consist entirely of numbers.

    What if my questions are not answered here?

    Please send an E-mail to