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    • Sustainable
    • Energy efficient
    • No installation costs
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy to move
    • Environmentally friendly

    Mobile adiabatic cooling

    Mobile adiabatic cooling

    If you have a showroom then the heat in your company can cost customers, the customers become a bit impatient and irritable because they actually want to get out quickly because it is just a bit more pleasant there. Do you prefer a cheaper solution so that the customers or your employees are a little more relaxed? Then you have arrived at the right place. We have a product which closes the huge gap between a traditional air conditioning and do nothing. Port-A-Cool is a cooling that brings the temperature down to a wonderful climate at a very affordable price. A cooling that handles energy very efficiently and requires minimal maintenance. No installation fee. From now on, cool air is available anytime, anywhere.

    Why our adiabatic mobile cooler

    • No installation costs
    • Grant opportunities
    • Energy efficient in power consumption
    • No dangerous substances
    • Work very efficiently and effectively
    • Mobile
    • Cheap to buy (compared to traditional air conditioning)
    • Windows and doors can stay open for even better operation
    • After connecting water (hose) or into the water tank and stream, (220) can be used directly.
    • no drain hose.

    Mobile adiabatic cooling

    A product that closes the huge gap between a traditional air conditioning and do nothing. Port-A-Cool is a cooling that brings the temperature back to a wonderful climate for a very affordable price. A cooling that handles energy very efficiently and requires minimal maintenance. From now on cool air available anytime, anywhere. Movable air coolers with evaporation system

    Features of an adiabatic cooling

    • Durable housing of out-of-a-piece cast polyethylene.
    • Water supply via a garden hose
    • Flexible placement options
    • Both the appliance and the water tank can be moved
    • Operating costs are only a fraction of that of traditional air conditioning
    • Years of carefree ease of use and virtually maintenance-free.
    • Environmentally friendly, because efficient and effective in energy use.
    • no hose for the hot air.
    • the water evaporates (so no nebulization)

    Applications of movable air coolers with evaporation system

    • Industry • Rental companies • Catering • Automotive • Garages • Tyre shops • Factories • Halls • Warehouses • Transfer places • Chemical industry • Kennels • Stables, equestrian centres • Construction companies • Welding workshops • Merry-go-by • Construction • Tennis court • Golf courses • Swimming pools • Amusement parks • Hangars • Auctions • Dry cleaners • Party tents • Workers •

    Benefits of an adiabatic cooling

    • Works in places where traditional air conditioning is not available, impractical or too costly.
    • Reduces the ambient temperature to a wonderful work climate with real cool air.
    • The most advanced movable evaporative cooling system.
    • Extremely low energy consumption: works on tap water and electricity. (grant opportunities)
    • Does more than push around warm air: blows out ‘real’ cool air.
    • Easy to use and maintain and easy to clean.
    • With a cool unit, you’ll be effectively back in control for an affordable price
    • Our effective and efficient high-quality air cooling at very low operating costs.
    Pros of an adiabatic cooling
    • Increases labour productivity by making the working environment more pleasant.
    • Makes the working environment where air conditioning is not available or too expensive, a space where optimal work can be done.
    • Also to be used as movable, temporary replacement equipment when the regular cooling system is out of service.
    • Also suitable to keep cool machines that might be damaged by overheating.

    units are

    • Environmentally friendly – do not produce fluorocarbon such as traditional air conditioning or vapour compression systems. The use of the cooling units instead of vapour compression systems also contributes to reducing co2, CFC and other greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Energy efficient – if, instead of vapour compression-based air conditioning systems, air-cooling systems based on evaporation were used worldwide, it would cut some 60 million tonnes of oil and drastically reduce CO2 emissions.
    • Good for air quality. Due to the ingenious structure and placement method of the Küül pads, contaminants are filtered out of the flowing air, making the blown-out air not only much colder, but also much cleaner.
    • Easy-to-integrate cooling units are easy to fit in as an energy-efficient addition to an existing system.
    • Available in various sizes. Electric cooling units come in four models, pneumatic models in three sizes and there are two models for cooling dangerous locations such as oil platforms.
    • Economical in use. Because energy consumption is so much lower than traditional air conditioning, energy management is also more efficient.
    • COOLNESS! De-Cool units lower the ambient temperature by about 7°C on average, because they blow out really cool air!