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    • Sustainable
    • Energy efficient
    • No installation costs
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy to move
    • Environmentally friendly

    Mobile cooling by evaporation of water

    Mobile cooling by evaporation of water

    Due to the mobility and the “plug-and-play” principle (only to connect to water and electricity) you have no drain hose and installation costs with our mobile air coolers from Be-cool and it can be used in the places where the cooling is most desired and needed. Many (international) companies include factories, automotive industry, livestock farmers, shed hangars etc. Mobile evaporation coolers are already successfully deploying.

    Due to the cooling based on evaporation, these units are ideally suited for cooling large, open spaces a solution where previously purely ineffective and expensive coolings can now be economically filled. With our portacool coolers, we are the world leader in mobile evaporation air coolers, offering the ideal solution for ecological, effective and economical cooling. therefore, the EIA (energy investment deduction) has also included our product from roads to energy-efficient cooling.

    our mobile fans evaporation air coolers are available throughout Europe in 220V and with CE label all evaporation air coolers are “Made in USA”

    In addition to the use for cooling marquees and events (in the open air), mobile adiabatic coolers are also frequently used in sheds, car garages, factory halls, hangars, livestock farmers, and gyms. The employability of the mobile cooling units is diverse, all places where sufficient ventilation is available (e.g. by opening doors and windows)
    is much cheaper than traditional air conditioning system (due to low energy consumption).

    The benefits of our mobile fans air coolers.

    -no harmful substances. (so no environmental impact)

    -brings a quick pleasant temperature into your room in a few minutes.

    windows and doors can remain open

    -low maintenance

    -no installation costs to use immediately after plugging in the plug (220v) and filling the water reservoir.

    productivity will remain higher due to the pleasant temperature.

    -cooling by evaporation (no nebulization)

    for more information about our mobile adiabatic air coolers.

    and further questions, you can contact us without obligation