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    • Sustainable
    • Energy efficient
    • No installation costs
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy to move
    • Environmentally friendly

    Movable terrace cooler

    Our movable terrace cooler

    Are you looking for a company where you can go for a good terrace cooler? Opt for the mobile terrace coolers from Be-Cool. We specialize in cooling systems and are happy to help you cool your space or terrace in the right way. Our terrace coolers are of the best quality. When you buy an air cooler from us, you can also count on excellent service. Would you like to learn more about our products? Then read on.

    How our mobile coolers work

    Our terrace coolers use a special evaporative cooling system. This system extracts heat from the air using water evaporation. This is made possible by the patented Küül pads in the device. These pads contain small channels. The water pump pumps water from the water tank through these channels and thus the pads are kept evenly wet. Then the warm air is sucked out of the room along the path. The water evaporates, creating cold air. Finally, the movable patio cooler ensures that the cold air is powerfully blown out. A big advantage of the Küül pads is that they cool the air 20% extra. In addition to cooling air, they also filter pollutants out of the air. With our mobile coolers, you can also enjoy cleaner air in your rooms.

    Cooling in an environmentally responsible way

    Our mobile coolers have many advantages to offer you. For example, our terrace cooler is very energy efficient and can easily cool your terrace in an efficient way in the summer. Because the terrace cooler is so energy efficient, it is also an ecologically sound purchase. In addition, its energy efficiency ensures that with this movable cooler you are a lot cheaper out than with a regular cooler. Would you like to buy this terrace cooler? Then there are also subsidy opportunities.

    Mobile patio cooler features

    The terrace cooler has a beautiful unique look with a digital panel. It is easy to refill when needed. You can connect the cooler to a garden hose or you can refing it manually. The water reservoir has a capacity of 76 litres. It weighs 75 kg and is easily movable to where it is needed. The air cooler has an air output of 4250 m3/h. With its 360° cool beam, it can cool a terrace of no less than 56 m2.

    We would like to inform you further

    Have you taken an interest in our mobile air coolers? Please contact us directly at 015-2002116. You can email or you can leave a message via our online contact form. We are happy to help you with the movable terrace cooler you want.