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    New mobile air coolers Be-Cool Lc.

    New mobile air coolers Be-Cool Lc.

    We are proud to announce that we have new mobile air coolers from Be-cool.
    For a while we have been working on where we can achieve improvement points and we have succeeded and how! We have brought 6 new units to the market. From 120m2 to the largest in the Benelux of 570m2. The latter has an air yield of almost 50,000m3/h. Be-cool is the only one that can supply these coolers in the Benelux.

    Visit our renewed website where you can view the mobile air coolers. under the products button.

    Our new even better mobile air coolers of which 3 models with electric Louvers. The models with the electric Louvers are the Be-Cool Lc 120, 230, 330. The new coolers are even quieter and better. They can also bring the temperature down a bit more because of the thicker pats (filters) that are in it to create an even better pleasant (working) climate. Also, the sound will be a lot less, the water pump and engine are even stronger and better. The sizes of the units have also become a lot more compact and economical. also for the rental!!

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