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    • Sustainable
    • Energy efficient
    • No installation costs
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy to move
    • Environmentally friendly

    Portacool Cyclone

    Go for the Portacool Cyclone series

    If you’re looking for the best quality mobile adiabatic cooler, the air coolers in the Portacool Cyclone series are the right choice. The portacool air coolers are very energy efficient and fine to use. Do you need advice when choosing the right cooler? We at Be-Cool are happy to be there for you. Our range includes the Portacool Cyclone 1000, Cyclone 2000 and Cyclone 3000. Would you like to learn more about the air coolers from this Portacool series? Please contact us or read on.

    Cyclone 1000

    The first air cooler in the Cyclone series is the Cyclone 1000. This is a cooler with a large water capacity of 30 liters. It is ideal as a terrace cooler or as a spot cooler in the industry or at home. A big advantage is that it is very quiet and energy efficient in its use. It is easy to move and installation-free. Once you have connected the device to the water and electricity, you can use it directly. It is easy to refill in 2 ways (garden hose connection or manual refill). The louvers in the device ensure that the air flow can be better managed. With this cooler you benefit from ecological, economical and effective cooling. Here are some specifications of this air cooler:

    • Air output: 1700 m3/h
    • Water reservoir: 30L
    • Dimensions: 89(H) x 50(B) x 50(D)
    • Weight: 23kg
    • Cooling capacity: 28m2

    Cyclone 2000

    The Cyclone 2000 from the Portacool series has a larger water capacity than the Cyclone 1000, namely 38 liters. Like the 1000, it is ideal as a terrace cooler or spot cooler in the industry and at home. This energy-efficient air cooler is also very fine to use and provides ecological, economical and effective cooling. The cooler has an air output of 3398 m3/h, weighs 27 kg and a cooling capacity of 46m2. In terms of dimensions, it is 79(H) x 61(B) x 64(D).

    Cyclone 3000

    The Cyclone 3000 is the largest mobile adiabatic cooler of the quality brand Portacool. The 3000 cools rooms up to 65 m2 in an energy-efficient and environmentally conscious way. The cooler has a water capacity of 60 liters. The device has an air output of 5097 m3/h and weighs 46 kg. Finally, the dimensions of this cooler are 97(H) x 76(B) x 70(D).

    We will inform you further

    Would you like to learn more about the Portacool coolers? Please contact us at 015-2002116 or email It is also possible to leave a message via our online contact form. We would like to inform you further about Portacool Cyclone series.