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    • Sustainable
    • Energy efficient
    • No installation costs
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy to move
    • Environmentally friendly

    Mobile cooling systems

    Be-Cool mobile cooling systems

    Do you want mobile air cooler systems to cool the spaces in your premises? Check out the wide range of cooling systems at Be-Cool. The systems are of the Portacool brand and are known for their excellent quality. Do you buy an air cooler from us? Then you can count on a fine service. If you need help in choosing the right system, we are happy to give you tailor-made advice.

    Take advantage of our mobile coolers

    Be-Cool’s mobile cooling systems are equipped with a unique evaporative cooling system. You notice the effect of evaporative cooling when you dip your finger in a glass of water and blow past it. You then feel coolness caused by evaporation. Large spaces are cooled in an energy-efficient way with this system. Cooling with these air coolers is a lot cheaper than with regular coolers. The device is not only good for the wallet, but also better for the environment.

    How do the mobile Portacool systems work?

    How do Portacool’s mobile cooling systems work? The mobile air cooler systems use the patented Küül pads to extract heat from the air. The pads are made of specially compressed paper and contain small channels. The water pump in the mobile systems pumps the water through the channels of the pads. The pads are kept evenly wet. Then the warm air is blown along the pads. The water in the pads evaporates, creating the cold air. Finally, the cold air in your room is powerfully blown out. With the help of the Küül pads, warm air is cooled by an extra 20%. The pads are also able to filter pollutants from the air. Which air cooler do you choose? Approach us and we’ll help you choose the right cooler.

    The characteristics of the cooling systems

    Do you choose our mobile air cooler systems? Then you will benefit from the following advantages:

    • Low cost
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Virtually maintenance-free
    • No installation costs
    • Easy to move
    • Water supply via a garden hose or filling
    • Durable housing of cast polyethylene
    • Ideal for high-space workspaces

    Approach us for cooling systems

    Do you need mobile cooling systems? Please contact us at 015-2002116. You can email via or you will leave a message in our online contact form. We would like to inform you further about our mobile air cooler systems.